Single Tier Web Application

A single-tier application is an application where the user interface, backend business logic & the database all reside in the same machine.

What is meant by single-tier architecture?

A single-tier architecture is an architecture in which the entire application resides on the user's machine. Before networking became so easy and cheap, this was fre- quently the design of choice. ... The obvious drawback to single-tier architecture is that the data lives on a local machine, and no one else can access it.


  • No network latency

  • Data safety of the highest level

    • Data of the user stays in their machine - doesn’t go over network

  • Data is easily and quickly available since it is located in the same machine


  • Business has no control over the application

  • Vulnerable to being tweaked and reverse engineered

  • Once software is shipped, no code/features are possible unless user manually updates