Data Structures Linked List

Linked List Node

  • Atomic value of a linked list

  • Node Data - value (Ex: 2)

  • Node Pointer points to "next" node

Linked List Head
Points to first node
Points to null when list is empty

Linked List Last Element

Points to null


Pros of Linked Lists

  • Inserting nodes

  • Deleting nodes

Cons of Linked Lists

  • Retrieving nodes

  • Searching nodes

Linked List Use Cases

  • Hash Tables

  • File Systems

  • Adjacency Lists

Important To Note For Linked Lists

  • Each node is only aware of the node directly next do it (before & after)

Types of Linked Lists

  • Singly linked lists (uni-directional)

  • Doubly linked lists (bi-directional)