Is AI A Threat?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to greatly benefit
society by improving efficiency, accuracy,
and decision-making in
many domains. 

AI Could Become A threat if....

Deployment Of AI brings
Worrying Concerns and Risk Factors

Particularly if AI system
values Misalign with Human values 

Alongside weaponized AI wielded with   
Malicious Purpose OR Malevolent Intent

Broken Regulations

The development and deployment of AI systems need to be guided by clear ethical and regulatory frameworks to ensure that the technology is used for the benefit of society and not to the detriment of individuals or groups. If there is a lack of
regulation, AI systems could be developed
and deployed in ways that
are harmful or unethical.


Unintended Consequences

AI systems can have complex and far-reaching consequences, some of which may be difficult to predict or control. For
example, AI systems could cause unintended
harm or disruption to individuals or
society if they are not properly
regulated or if they
are hacked

Bias Implications

AI systems can perpetuate and amplify existing biases and discrimination if they are trained on biased data or if they are not designed to be transparent and explainable.