Deno vs Node

(Deno over node for js/ts repos) 

Deno vs Node

10 Regrets of Node

Rust, Node.js, and Deno

Rust, Node.js, and Deno - three powerful technologies that relate in very interesting ways with each other.

Deno in place of Node.js when possible, as far as I can tell, simplifies the developer workflow and pays you back in hours of your time not wasted on setting up or managing a node project.

Rust is becoming a go-to language for many developers, and it has an important role in shaping Deno, the javascript/typescript runtime we'll delve into.

Known for its safety and performance, Rust enables developers to build software with fewer bugs and improved speed.

Then we have Node.js - a name that needs no introduction. For a long time, it has been a leading choice for building scalable network applications due to its non-blocking, event-driven architecture.

However, recently, Deno, a new JavaScript and TypeScript runtime, has been gaining traction.

What makes it special? Well, for starters it's built with Rust!

On top of that both Node.js and Deno were created by Ryan Dahl.

He first presented Node.js in 2009, and later, in 2018, he introduced Deno as a more secure and modern runtime, addressing several of the issues he, as the original creator of the software, language saw in Node.js.

Rust's robustness, combined with its ability to use FFI to utilize the V8 engine that is written in C++ and runs both the node.js runtime as well as the chromium’s front-end javascript runtime provides Deno with several advantages.

It offers enhanced security measures, comes bundled with tools we usually install separately in Node.js, and is designed to handle modern JavaScript features more effectively.

But why does this matter to you? This mix of technologies is pushing our industry forward, offering more efficient, secure, and capable tools for building the next-gen web applications.

Exciting times lie ahead! I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences with using rust or deno. Let's share the knowledge! 💡

Curious to install Deno? Check the first comment for a screencast I made for installing deno in 50 seconds.

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