Design Patterns

JavaScript Design Patterns

"If you've used a solution that is not a unique solution to solve a challenge that is in of itself a unique challenge, then you have utilized the power of a JavaScript design pattern."

PHP Design Patterns

Design patterns are typical solutions to common problems

in software design. Each pattern is like a blueprint

that you can customize to solve a particular

design problem in your code.

Benefits of patterns

Patterns are a toolkit of solutions to common problems in software design. They define a common language that helps your team communicate more efficiently.


Design patterns differ by their complexity, level of detail and scale of applicability. In addition, they can be categorized by their intent and divided into three groups.

Criticism of patterns

Are patterns as good as advertised? Is it always possible to use them? Can patterns sometimes be harmful?

History of patterns

Who invented patterns and when? Can you use patterns outside software development? How do you do that?