Let's Simplify!

Push your web development skills to the next level, expert screencasts simplifying developer lives across stacks, industries, and technological revolutions. We're diving in deep and with over 130 screencasts and even more blogs we really do dive in deep. Dive in with me as we cover real world solutions and tutorials for Laravel, React, Vue.js, System Design and Cloud Computing, Slim 4's Micro framework, Data Structures, Algorithms, tackling those intense FAANG interviews, building desktop applications via the power of Electron, how to grow your "developer brand" via LinkedIn, Github, and projects so that recruiters reach out to you and those opportunities are there for you.  I'm excited to also announce that with having released content for all of these topics listed so far, my 2022 thru 2023 goal for Clean Code Studio is to begin providing top quality screencasts and real-world solutions for developing on the Blockchain. Specifically, Cardano is where I'm intending to focus the content creation and software tutorials on. I believe the Cardano blockchain eco-system is finally to the point where it will start gaining an immense amount of momentum from the developer community due to it's technical sound-ness, proof of stake implementation with a network that separates the value ledger from the smart contracts allowing for some pretty insane possibilities.

That along with the fact Cardano uses 99% less energy than Bitcoin, has a multi-asset capable ledger meaning NFTs are first-class citizens along-side the ADA crypto coin, will allow for interpolarity across block-chains, and currently have in development hydra - a layer 2 for Cardano that integrates incredible improvements to scale with the projected transactions per second capability supposed to hit 1 MILLION TRANSACTIONS PER SECOND.

That's crazy. Tie that in with how Cardano is working on the hydra innitiative - an apotential the      ultimately scale the transactions per second up 1 million have me convinced that it's the blockchain eco-system for developers.

And where we go, the world eventually follows. Cardano, technologically offers an incredible amount of power and potential and over the next year I intend to focus a large amount of energy towards deeply understanding and efficiently teaching how to developer awesomeness using the Cardano ecosystem.

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Why invest into Clean Code?

Why battle against tech debt?

Why invest into refactoring?

Why fight for Clean Code?


You're liable to teach code

You're liable to update code

You're liable to maintain code

Code Is Intrinsically A Liability

"Code = Liability"

Clean Code Minimizes our Liability

Less liability is a good thing right?

I'd say so, but that urges the 

question. What are the 

qualities that create 

clean code?


Less code is less buggy

Less code is less onboarding

Less code is less required maintenance

Less meaningless code = Less code we're liable for

Minimalism is one Quality of Clean Code

Given Minimalism = Less meaningless code

Then by coding more minimalistic-ally 

we instantly lower our liability. 

Let's cover a few more

Clean Code


Links to the five google recommended 

resources I found most helpful for studying up 

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