Google Interview Study Materials

Google is one of the most sought-after employers for software engineers. The company's interview process is rigorous, but it is also an opportunity to showcase your skills and knowledge.

Cracking the Google Coding Interview 


Gayle Laakmann McDowell. 

This classic book covers all the essential topics for Google interviews, including data structures, algorithms, and problem-solving.

My Personal FAANG Interview Notes


Zak H.

These are my personal FAANG Interview notes that I took while preparing for the Facebook, Google, and Amazon interviews (landed at Amazon working on Alexa Echo Show Devices).

How we Hire 



This document from Google provides an overview of the company's interview process, including what to expect and how to prepare.

How to Prepare for Google Interviews by 


This video from Google offers some tips on how to prepare for interviews, including how to practice coding problems and how to communicate effectively.


This website is another great resource for practice problems. It has a focus on Indian companies, but the problems are still relevant for Google interviews.


This website is similar to LeetCode, but it also has a variety of other challenges, such as code golf and algorithm design.

Elements of Programming Interviews 


Jon Bentley. 

This book is more theoretical than Cracking the Google Coding Interview, but it covers some more advanced topics.


Great resource for practice problems. It has a large library of problems, and you can track your progress and see how you compare to other users.