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Why invest into Clean Code?

Why battle against tech debt?

Why invest into refactoring?

Why fight for Clean Code?


You're liable to teach code

You're liable to update code

You're liable to maintain code

Code Is Intrinsically A Liability

"Code = Liability"

Clean Code Minimizes our Liability

Less liability is a good thing right?

I'd say so, but that urges the

question. What are the

qualities that create

clean code?


Less code is less buggy

Less code is less onboarding

Less code is less required maintenance

Less meaningless code = Less code we're liable for

Minimalism is one Quality of Clean Code

Given Minimalism = Less meaningless code

Then by coding more minimalistic-ally

we instantly lower our liability.

Let's cover a few more

Clean Code


Links to the five google recommended

resources I found most helpful for studying up

(some links are affiliate links)